Monday, January 4, 2016

Congratulations to Becky Norwood on Her New Business Networking Journal

Congratulations to Becky Norwood of Spotlight on Your Business, for the release of her new Networking Journal Book created from the lessons learned from my new course Easy Journal Books, so cool. I love seeing results and action.

Here she describes it in her own words
"So, after having J. Bruce Jones as a guest presenter in my Journey to Authorship class, on how to create a journal/devotional/coloring book...I put together what I wanted and had my cousin Krista put it together after she attended the class. Well, she finished it, and together I walked her through how to upload it to to be available on Well...we did that last she already has it in her hot little hands! Me? I ordered copies to give to my BNI (Business Networking International) group. Because I ordered enough for my own chapter, I'm told it will be here in 3 weeks! Talk about exciting! This journal is a tracking system for people who use networking to grow their businesses and is available on Amazon...ALREADY!"

To check out the book on, Click Here

To learn more about the Easy Journal Books course please visit our course home. Click Here, Easy Journal Books

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