Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Tips for Marketing Your Book from Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing

1. Your book marketing begins the day you start writing your book. We often don’t even know we are starting a book project, but we need to start building out our author platform as soon as you can. Your author platform are all the ways that your readers and fans are connected to you. We will be talking more about this shortly.
2. Amazon doesn’t do your online marketing for you. You have to market your book. Amazon is your sales and distribution site but you have to handle the marketing.
3. It is important to build some kind of central web home for your book, this can be a website or a blog. Facebook and Twitter are not homes for your book. You want to have a place online that you can blog from, host content, collect e-mail names, have your bio and your book description and info, and have connections so readers can buy.
4. Give Away to Get. Give away sample chapters, maybe even full books, related content, and information. Deliver however your reader wants. Fans need to touch and feel your content. Blogs make great places to give away your content. Just start at page 1 and create a series of blog post from your book. Copy and paste paragraph by paragraph, it is easy you have the content already written.
5. Around this content wrap ads for your book that are linked to Amazon. The ads can be thumbnails of the cover or links in the text that connect your book to Amazon. It is very easy to do. Google brings your visitors, they read all your great stuff and some of them will buy your book if you give them a clear path.

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