Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to Prepare for Your Book Launch, Launch Prep 1

The big day is here, your book is done, edited and ready for publishing. To give your book a great start you want to conduct a book launch instead of just releasing it. Book launches can be very involved and take a lot of planning. Or you can work with what you have. The key here is to work with whatever author platform you have put together and with all other media you have access to. With a little thinking and planning you can have a successful book launch.

___Book is written, and edited.

___Book is designed, formatted, copy edited and proof read before publishing.

___Book is uploaded to your publishing sites (Kindle, CreateSpace/Amazon, others, etc.) and ready to go.

___Research best selling books in your subject matter and be sure to incorporate their categories into your book’s description and keywords.

___Select your book categories, 1 for Createspace, 2 for Kindle. Categories should be related to your book subject matter to help with positioning and proper ranking. Select categories that have a low number of books in them and try not to have a super star author at the top.

___Have your Book Media Kit ready to go with your cover images, descriptions and author bios

___You have set up your different social media accounts and have active enough to attract attention and gather some followers. This is something you do on an ongoing basis.

___You have been building an email list of followers and have been keeping them at least warm with occasional mailings. Ideally you have been working on building a loyal following that is ready to buy your book.

In the next post I will talk a little about how to price your book and after that Launching.

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