Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Do I Launch My Book, It is Launch Day!! Launch Prep 3

Launch Day if coming, your book is done and it is ready to go. Today is the day. Below are some of the steps to have in place for your basic book launch. Things every book launch should have.

___Hopefully you have been building a relationship with your bloggers and influencers. Let them know the launch date.

___Ask them to give you their support when your book launches.

___Send your influencers a free book or at least a pdf of your book, you can also send it as an Amazon gift.

___Ask for an interview from your influencers, getting a review or possibly publish an article you wrote around a topic that relates to your book. These relationships need to be nurtured over time, don’t just show up demanding that they publish your stuff.

___Prepare your platform and e-mail lists for an announcement blast about your upcoming book. Build anticipation for your book using your social media sites and your email list.

___Start announcing your upcoming book release date on your social media platforms.

___Ask people to buy your book on a specific day and ask for reviews.

___The day you release ask your fans to support your book.

___If on Kindle reduce your book price to $.99.

___Publish your book on CreateSpace/Amazon.com Congratulations!

___Buy your book so you know everything is working, this starts your Amazon ranking. I like to do this several days before you actually release your book. The key here is to have it already live so you know everything is working.

___Have several friends buy your book and submit reviews. Amazon reviews need to come from actual paying customers. Don’t announce that the book is ready for buying yet but you want to know everything is working and you have some reviews.

___Be sure to take screen shots of your book’s Amazon rank once it launches and starts to move through the ranks to best seller status. The book ranking information is located in the Product Details area on your Amazon Book Page. Best seller status is generally regarded for books that reach into the top 100 ranking in their categories. See the above graphic.

I will be releasing a much more detailed post on how I launched my recent book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing and took it to International Best Seller. It isn't really that hard.

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