Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How I Launched My Book Marketing Checklist Book to #1 International Best Seller: Case Study

Case Study for the Launch of Book Marketing Checklist to #1 International Best Seller

This is the beginning of a series of post on how I launched Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers to a #1 international best seller. 

Launch Day is here for my book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers. It was a roller coaster experience. Launching a book is an exciting and exhausting experience. I have released a lot of books over the years but this book was my first #1 best selling book and #1 internationally in Australia and Canada. And also a bestselling book in Great Britain and Germany. 

This was also the first time that I actually had a plan of how to do it and then used it. I used my own book to launch my own book. When it came time to launch I actually open up the launch section and followed my own Level 1 plan. Over all, the launch took about 40 hours of work to run, 20 hours of prep and 20 hours or so for the actual launch.  My launch campaign was run using the Kindle ebook version of my book. Kindle books are easier to launch because you can set the price at $.99 and create an impluse buy. 

The Checklist Book Launch Plan

___Step 2: Pre-Launch: pick categories and keywords for your book.

___Step 3: Pre-Lunch, Make sure your book is live on Amazon and can be purchased, buy a copy.

___Step 4: Pre-Launch: Prepare a media kit with launch graphics; cover shots, author head shots, text and links to your Amazon book sales page.

___Step 5: Pre-Launch: Research some other book launches and their descriptive text for inspiration on how to write yours. Google “recent book launches.”

___Step 6: Pre-Launch: Set up a MS Word document with your description text and links to Amazon.

___Step 7: 9:00am Launch: Release your new book, we begin.

___Step 8: Launch: Post your book launch notices everywhere you can.

___Step 9: Launch: Thank your fans for buying your book, build social proof.

___Step 10: Launch: Record your progress on Amazon rankings with screenshots.

___ Step 11: Launch: Continue to post updates during the day, post screenshots of any progress on Amazon in your social media sites. 

___Step 12: Launch: In the evening do another round of launch notices. Encourage people to push you over the top.

___Step 13: Launch: Be sure to screen capture all results. The rankings don’t last that long on Amazon. You will need these for marketing.

___Step 14: Post-Launch: Thank your fans again for their support. Post the results of how high you got in the rankings. Did you get bestseller?

___Step 15: Post-launch: Update all your bios with your new best seller status.

I will be taking each on these steps and breaking them down into more details on how I did it.
Click to start with Step 1: Pre-Launch: Write Our Your Launch Plan

Author: Bruce Jones
Bruce is the international best selling author of over 40 books. His latest book is Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers. Bruce also runs the Facebook group How to Publish Your Book with over 1,300 members.

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