Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to Make a Best Seller, Step 1: Pre-Launch: Write Out Your Launch Plan

The first thing I did for the launch of my book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers was to scribble out a plan of what I would do in my notebook. Not a very scientific method but it worked and kept me on track. I used the Level 1 Checklist from my own book, Marketing My Book with Little Effort and $0.00 Dollars, right here in this new book

My original notes for the launch of my book.
For the entire checklist, check out the next post on the Launch Case Study

Author: Bruce Jones
Bruce is the international bestselling author of over 40 books. His latest book is Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers. Bruce also runs the Facebook group How to Publish Your Book with over 1,300 members.

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