Wednesday, June 22, 2016

7 Tips for Setting Your Videos Up So They Can be Found

Setting Up Your Videos
In the previous post we talked about how to put together a book trailer video to use during your book launch. In this article we talk about some of the keys to getting your videos found in YouTube and Google.  YouTube gives you a lot of ways to help get your video found in search, the key is to use them. Fill in all the boxes YouTube provides with lots of relevant text when you upload your video and you will have a much better chance of our video popping up. This includes the video title, description, web address and key words or tags. Ok here are my 7 tips for setting up your videos

1.    Video Title, have a good descriptive video title, include your main keyword.

2.    In the initial sentence of the description, include a full web address as the first item, including the http://, then a short intro description. The first sentence needs to grab because this is all you initially see below your video.

3.    Add a full description, fill it out with a lot of relevant descriptive copy, maybe with a transcript of the video. Include your contact info. You can really fill this area up with text. Google indexes this area so it is important to also add your keywords into the copy.

4.    Add Keywords or Tags that Relate to the video and the topic, this is super important.

5.    YouTube is a social media platform, this means share your video on all your social media platforms and interacting with people who comment on your videos.

6.    Use Annotations and YouTube Cards to connect with other videos, make additional comments or give information.

7.    All videos should have some kind of call-to-action (CTA), including a web address or contact info during or at the end of the video.

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