Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Level 2. I Can Go a Little Bigger and Make a Little More Effort

Level 2. Is for authors that want to do a little more effort. They are willing to spend a little money and maybe set up a small website or Facebook book page. They are also willing to turn their smart phone on and speak into it to make an announcement video. Remember to review the step from the previous Level 1 post.

Before Releasing
•    Register a URL for your name.

•    Build an author blog or website, you can do this on Google’s Blogger platform, it is free.

•    Create your One Sheet, post on your website. This is your resume but more sales focused.

•    Register with an e-mail marketing service like, Mail or similar, start building an e-mail list of fans and buyers.

•    Add an e-mail sign up box on your blog or website.

•    Create a lead magnet from your book content and use it as a thank you gift for subscribers to your list, such as a sample chapter, a video series, pdf report, series of e-mail auto-responder lessons.

•    Work on building your author platform; bring these people into your mailing list.

•    Research the main influencers in your market, make a master link.

•    Build your Top 20 influencers and connect with them where they hang out.

•    Build up a network of related blogs and websites that you can connect with and then use when it comes to launch time. Relationships need time and energy to build.

•    Build your online media kit for promotion and interviews.

•    Conduct a simple book launch, pick a date and e-mail your platform.

•    Create a book announcement video and post it on YouTube, Facebook and your other social media platforms, including your author blog.

•    Use a paid PR service like PRWeb and send out a press release for your book.

•    Post on your social media accounts, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, be sure to link back to your website or blog. Actually be always doing this.

Build a Media Kit
•    Build a media kit for promotion and interviews, this can be on your computer and your website.

•    Make up jpg format book cover images in 3 sizes for marketing and posting, 2”, 4” and 6”, 300 dpi and 72 dpi. Your cover designer can give you these.

•    Make a promo picture of yourself holding your book cover, preferable near your head, also several without the book.

•    Prepare 50, 150-200 and 500 word bios and book descriptions with details you can have ready for promotion, interviews, blog posts.

After Releasing
•    Put a graphic of your book cover on your website and connect it to the book’s Amazon sales page, use an affiliate link.

•    Give away free pdf copies of your book for fans, reviews and press.

•    Publish books on both Kindle and CreateSpace/Amazon

•    Set up an Amazon affiliate account and post affiliated links to your website, Facebook and Twitter, really anywhere that you can

•    Connect with local press and media for the local story.

•    Build out a list of retail locations where you can speak and sell your book.

•    Build out a list of potential speaking opportunities; start connecting with these people, organizations and locations.

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