Saturday, June 18, 2016

General Book Marketing Tips Part 2, Connect with the World and Talk to Your Fans

We continue with some more general book marketing tips that we started in a previous post on Book Marketing. Books don't sell themselves, you really have to push them out there and then keep them front and center to make sales. Below are several more to choose from. These are simple to put into action and will build a general background for your book.

 ___Use the social media share buttons from your Amazon sales page.

___Prepare a one page pdf book info sheet with author bio for the media or public speaking.

___Post info about your book on your blog, about your subject, and about your activities. Take people on your journey.

___ Post regularly on your Social Media sites around your topic and book.

___ Interact with your fans in your Facebook group, social media and anywhere else, including YouTube, respond to all comments.

___Be sure all your web and social media efforts are up to date, connected and can send interested readers to Amazon for buying.

___Look for media outlets that will publish your press release or book reviews.

___Ask for book reviews. Book reviews are a big part of having success on Amazon.

___Kindle Select Program is a program offered by Amazon for Kindle books. If you are willing to give Kindle exclusivity of your book for a 90 day period they will let you price your book for free for a mix of 5 days during the 90. A lot of authors use the program to help jumpstart their book sales. You can only use this program if you don’t have any of the book content anywhere on the web. Not posting your book content is a decision you will need to make when you are starting your marketing. Many authors have found pretty good success when they initial launch their book with this program.

    Personally I am a big fan of posting your book content on your own website as soon as you can to start getting exposure but not everyone agrees on this. With Kindle Select you are only limited for 90 days and then you have to renew. Limiting your content doesn’t apply to physical paperback books going through CreateSpace, you can do what you want. You can read more about this program when you upload your book on the Kindle KDP site.

___Review all your online bios in social media, Linkedin, Facebook, industry groups for the most up to date info. Be sure to mention your book and where to get it or more information.

___Update your e-mail signature line about your book, include a link to Amazon.

___Be sure to announce your book in any online groups or organizations that you might be part of.

Book Promo Sites
___List your book in Goodreads and other online review sites.

___There are lots of free and paid book promotion websites for you to list your book on for exposure. Some will work if you are using the KDP Select program. Be sure to read the terms of service and be aware of the rules around Kindle Select if you are using that Amazon program.

Kindle Select program,

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